domingo, febrero 03, 2008

Fotos que en USA no consideran obscenas. Why Are We So Uptight About Sex?

In America too many people vilify sex and act as if just a hint of risqueness somehow damages society. Virginia Beach police seize photos from Abercrombie store
You know what is obscene? An unprovoked, pre-emptive war begun under the threat of terrorism and using fear to motivate a nation to willingly turn over freedoms for security. The spending of billions of dollars a month on this war while education, science and health care are under funded. A nation that is more concerned about the state of Brittany Spears health, the death of a movie star and whether someone believes in the same magic friend, than they are about protecting their rights and electing leaders who actually understand our constitution and the basic tenets of democracy.
We have policemen going into a mall and removing posters, issuing summons and wasting taxpayer dollars because a partially covered breast is offensive.
There are more obscene and graphic images in a half hour of news showing violence and death, where humans are killing one another over so-called 'holy' land than could ever be displayed in a store front window using NATURAL human sexuality to advertise a product.
We have some fucked up ideas of obscenity in this country, I would rather my son see naked bodies all day than have him observe one actual violent human death.

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